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About Riverstone

Riverstone Consulting provides niche consulting services to select clients in the private and development sectors. Our services are constructed around the core competencies and specialist expertise of our team.

Our consultants are from Laos and overseas and together we share decades of professional consulting experience throughout Laos and beyond. We are committed to the highest possible ethical and professional standards and are conscious of the impact our services may have on environmental sustainability, gender equality, ethnic and cultural diversity, and public policy.

While we provide services nationwide, we are based in Luang Prabang and headquartered at the beautiful Riverstone House on the banks of the Houn River. Contact us to find out more about what we do.


What We Do

Policy Design

Policies are about people. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we identify the challenge, conceptualize potential policy positions and construct effective policy responses. We have advised on a wide range of policy areas including human resources, corporate governance, risk management, environmental sustainability, ethics and professional standards, and even draft public sector regulatory instruments. Even if we do not have specific experience in a certain policy area, we are willing to consider policy design projects where an element of policy research is integrated into the overall scope of work.

Editorial Services

Reports, proposals, submissions, regulations, journals, articles, marketing documents, you name it. In collaboration with our clients we initiate our editorial services by sharpening the overall purpose of your document. With a clear-eyed vision of what the document ought to achieve we set about restructuring and revising it to deliver an outcome that is clear, concise and comprehensive. We are also mindful of documents that may require translation into Lao or other languages and are careful to select precise wording that may facilitate ease of translation.

Property Services

Foreign land ownership in Laos is often not well understood. In short, it is illegal for foreigners to own land in Laos. It is also risky to create a façade of local ownership where Lao citizens effectively serve as nominees of foreign real estate investors. However, it is possible to strengthen your leasehold rights as a foreigner by adopting a lend-lease-mortgage package that should provide comfort to foreign investors and developers alike. We provide a standard package of bilingual documentation to give effect to the leasehold structure and also assist with regulatory registration and notarization where necessary. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice on Lao land laws. We encourage our clients to obtain independent legal advice from appropriately licensed firms to determine if our documentation is right for them.
Focusing mostly on Luang Prabang, we also assist investors and developers procure the necessary services for building maintenance, construction, and leasing services.

Grant Writing and Management

We provide grant management services for all stages of the grant life cycle: researching funding opportunities, proposal writing, implementation support, compliance monitoring, and programmatic and financial reporting to funders.

We have extensive experience in arts and culture, education, and health services grants from both private and public sources of funding.

Contact us to see if we can assist you with grant services.